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ANTEX is a water resistant and breathable membrane inserted between the outer fabric and the lining. It is an extremely lightweight and microporous film which thanks to its specific microstructure represents a barrier against water and wind but it does not retain moisture such as the water vapor of perspiration . Antex maintains its extraordinary properties of total comfort and maximum protection even at low temperatures.


ANTEXSTOP is an ultralight film inserted between the outer fabric and the lining which, thanks to its microstructure, create a barrier against water and wind and keeps its comfort and protection properties also at low temperatures.


TECHNOWARM is a lining made of different sheets of fiber and felt and in between is inserted an aluminium foil ( bauxite) that has properties of high isolation and thermic conductivity giving much comfort to the foot-plant, also at very low temperatures ,thanks to the high degree of non-conductivity.


THERMOWOOL is a lining made of different sheets of fiber , natural wool and in between an alluminium foil that gives to the product high Thermic and breathable properties . The product has been tested at very low temperature. The Wool is the natural components of the product, that gives high thermic value and high comfort to the foot. The Aluminium foil that split the 2 components creates a thermic barrier that prevent to the atmospheric agents to penetrate inside the footwear.


BRITISH WOOL is renowned for warmth and comfort. Its natural properties of strength and resilience will help to retain the shape of your garment and give lasting value.


It is a rubber sole with an antislippery patented system, that grant a good stability and grip on icy surfaces. The antislippery Oc-system has a rotating strap with 2 positions GRIP-OFF and GRIP-ON, that makes comfortable and stable stepping on icy surfaces and moreover enable to walk on any traditional floor. The system is patended by Al.pi srl (


SOLES : Soles are selected , studied and used with high attention, to have a perfect grip on the ground, and good isolation.

REINFORCEMENTS : Each shoe is made with toe and heel reinforcements studied for each kind of model, to guarantee a good structure of the footwear and durable for a long life.

COMFORT FITTING : The fitting of each model is studied to have the proper relation between the raw materials, fastening system, to assure a good quality of comfort inside the footwear.

REFLEX : Some models have reflex labels or accessories to guarantee a better visibility and safety of your children also after the sunset.

REMOVABLE LININGS: The removable lining, you find in some models, is really appreciated for a perfect washing and drying.

MATERIALS : The research of the materials for each kind of models, and our support for the customer requests are our priority.

In addition the raw materials are supplied by Italian and European companies , in compliance of parameters required from Eu rules and norms.

MADE IN EUROPE : Our boots are made in Europe, to assure a high quality boots, checked by our specialized technicians , preserving our handcraft method.

DESIGNED IN ITALY: Our footwear are completely designed and developed in Italy .